Phase 2: Electric Boogaloo

Now we begin our assembly phase of the season, where we begin cutting out final parts and fashioning the robot.


VEX Robots

We have started our preseason kick off. By splitting everybody up into groups and having our own mini robot competition with VEX robots. The kids work together to create a robot that can go through a maze. The team with the fastest robot wins. Here are some of the students working on their robot.

DSCN1657[1] DSCN1659[1] DSCN1660[1] DSCN1678[1] DSCN1679[1] DSCN1683[1] DSCN1684[1] DSCN1690[1] DSCN1692[1] DSCN1703[1] DSCN1696[1]

Video Updates

So we got the robot to be able to push a noodle where ever we are but did run over some noodle were our mecanumm ripped the noodle apart. it is still able to go over the bump with ease. with our noodle system attached to our digger system we retest the digger periodically.

We successfully did a prototype our digger that is capable of pulling out two totes at the same time and then go and pick them up. We do not have our finally chassis or even a grabber arm so we just stop for a sec symbolizing picking it up and then we just push ignore it