Team Outreach

Our team has done several community outreach projects and events in the last 3 years. The reason we have started doing community outreach  is we realized how many other teams were reaching out into their communities. Our team wanted to follow their lead and help support our community as well. IN 2015 we assisted in two major outreach projects, we took multiple trips as a team to feed my starving children. On these nights we helped package hundreds of meals for poor and malnourished communities all around the world.

Another outreach project that we did was a book drive for My Little Free Library. We collected books from team members and students from our school. My Free Little Library, is a program to get students books in the community. We also worked alongside Mr. Nestrud’s carpentry classes, they built the small libraries for our books that were donated, we sent one to each of the local elementary schools.

In 2017 we began bagging groceries at cub foods.  This helped us get our team’s name out there, as well as showing young engineers how to join a FIRST robotics team near them.


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